About me

A note or two about the author

Welcome to my Machine Learning Notebook.

My Aim

Primarily, this website is being created to keep track of the things that I’ve been learning over the course of my PhD research. I use Python to create Machine Learning algorithms with a focus on Biomedical Image Analysis - but the concepts are just as applicable elsewhere.

After noticing that I kept forgetting the little things and sometimes feeling like I wasn’t really understanding what was going on, I decided to keep a record of the small problems I’ve bene having (and their solutions) as well as providing code snippets and tutorials to remind myself in the future. I hope that they will prove useful to at least one other person in the world too.

My Research

Whilst a lot of my work will remain the intellectual property of my current organisation, the things that I post on this site are of my own creation and unrelated to my actual research; the basics of what I’m writing here can be found scattered throughout the web, but I just wanted to pull a more consistent source of information together.

Whilst I’m writing my tutorials and code snippets for my own benefit and providing them on an opensource platform, it would be nice to see my name or webaddress where others have found use for them. Equally, anything I use on this stie I will try to properly credit and cite.