A Simple Neural Network - With Numpy in Python

Part 4 of our tutorial series on Simple Neural Networks. We’re ready to write our Python script! Having gone through the maths, vectorisation and activation functions, we’re now ready to put it all together and write it up. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a working NN in Python, using only numpy, which can be used to learn the output of logic gates (e.g. XOR)

Surface Distance Function

Surface Distance measures are a good way of evaluating the accuracy of an image-segmentation if we already know the ground truth (GT). The problem is that there is no nicely packaged function in Python to do this directly. In this post, we’ll write a surface distance function in Python which uses numpy and scipy. It’ll help us to calculate Mean Surface Distance (MSD), Residual Mean-Square Error (RMS) and the Hausdorff Distance (HD).